Mata Piojos Shampoo DLC 2 oz.

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Free lice removal comb included
For the treatment of head, body and pubic lice
Low foaming shampoo

Mata Piojos A Pediculide Low Foaming Shampoo Lice Treatment. For the Treatment of Head, Body and Pubic (Crab) Lice.

Directions: Shake well before use. Use on DRY hair. Apply to affected area until all hair is thoroughly wet with product. Allow product to remain on for 10 minutes but no longer. Add sufficient warm water to form a lather and shampoo as usual. Rinse thoroughly. Adults & Children: close eyes tightly and do not open until product is rinsed out. Also protect children’s eyes with washcloth, towel or other suitable material, or by a similar method. If product gets into eyes, immediately flush with water. A fine tooth comb or special liceit-removing comb may be used to help remove dead lice and their eggs (nits) from hair. A second treatment must be done in 7 to 10 days to kill any newly hatched lice.

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Mata Piojos Shampoo DLC 2 oz.

$2.45$6.99 (-65%)

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